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Platinum Service

This Service is a great money saving alternative to replaceing your pool tile

Gold Service

Pool Tile Cleaned, Grout fixed, a few tiles need to be replaced, A little Extra TLC.

Silver Service

Is our most competitively priced service That gets your Pool Tile cleaned.

Synthetic Rock Re-painting

From re-coating a synthetic rock pool slide to repainting your entire water feature we do it all. What separates us from the pack is our amazing ten year guarantee on every complete re-paint job we do.

Our process is the absolute best the industries has ever seen. And the reason for that is we don't just continue to applying new paint over old paint covering up the real problem. And that would be the original paint never bonded to the original cement rock, what would make anybody think the new paint is going to stick.

What we do is strip all the old paint off then seal all the cracks next we seal the raw cement rocks then spray epoxy bonding primer on everything to be repainted. Next we spray an epoxy color coat on everything. The entire point of these steps is to waterproof the entire water feature.

What all this means to you is we have reversed the hands of time and fixed everything that was done wrong in the first place. Now a new paint job will last way over ten years.

We also take your new synthetic rock repaint job to the next level. We take extreme pride in making your synthetic rock look amazingly real and we can duplicate any color you want. All you have to do to get started is call or click.

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