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Pool Tile Cleaning

This Service is a great money saving alternative to replaceing your pool tile

Gold Service

Pool Tile Cleaned, Grout fixed, a few tiles need to be replaced, A little Extra TLC.

Silver Service

Is our most competitively priced service That gets your Pool Tile cleaned.

Pool Tile Cleaning Expert Reveals
the Single Greatest secret that Stops Calcium from
Sticking to your Pool Tile.

ATTENTION... Pool Tile; Not only cleans pool tile, we can also remove the high calcium content from your pool water...

(High Calcium is the main reason your pool tile is a mess.)

Pool Tile; is proud to offer the best pool tile cleaning and water purification. By providing maximized filtration of your pool water, our water purification process simply outperforms any calcium removal process available. Last we computer balance your pool water to perfection.

(Calcium will not stick to pool tile at 200 parts per million.)

If your pool tile is a mess, chances are better than good you have high calcium content in your pool water... Facts are when you deal with the water problem, this will be the last time you have to deal with pool tile cleaning again. Read that again, it's BIG

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Pool Tile Cleaning

Pool Tile Cleaning

Don't waste anymore time trying to scrub those tiles clean. We specialize in working with hard-to-clean glass pool tile, soft blue pool tile, and real and synthetic rock. Regardless of how old your pool tiles or how big the ring, Pool Tile Cleaning can get the job done quickly and affordably.

Look at our Pool Tile Cleaning before and after pictures to see for yourself.

Broken Pool Tiles

Pool Tile repair

 Tired of staring at those broken tiles? It's time to repair your pool tiles in a way that leaves no mark behind. We have more than 35 years of experience repairing pool tiles in Southern California. This experience allows us to accomplish perfect pool tile repair and re-glazing. Let us turn your old, faded pool tiles into new again.

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Calcium Removel & Bead

Calcium Removal

Be careful who you choose for calcium removal. This process can get expensive and dangerous FAST, especially if the person you hire uses cheap equipment to remove the calcium from pool tiles. Pool Tile Cleaning removes calcium using the bead blasting process with the help of our truck mount compressor, which keeps our prices reasonable.

Read more about our Pool Tile Calcium Cure.

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